Glimmers of Hope



In years past, we have offered a Christmas store to qualifying families that provided gifts for children and teens.  Although this was a blessing to the families that participated, the expense and effectiveness of this tremendous undertaking has moved us to make a change to our Christmas outreach.

We LOVE Christmas and we LOVE the people that we serve.

We LOVE being generous and we LOVE making a difference.

For those families that utilize the Co-op regularly for food assistance, we are 100% BLESSED to help them move from "survive" to "thrive" by helping them be intentional regarding their limited resources.  For families that are struggling to make ends meet, we can make a difference by directly cutting into their monthly grocery bill.  We define "utilizing the Co-op regularly" as a minimum of 6 food visits between Jan and Sep in a given year.  A family of 4 can receive approximately $1,750 in food a year! This amazing savings can be used towards other essentials such as utilities, gasoline, rent....

We want these family providers to hear "Well done, good and faithful servant."

We are seeking to bless families with children ages birth to 18 who utilize the Co-op regularly by presenting them with a "LOVE offering" during the Christmas Season in the form of gift cards. This will allow the parent to purchase a small gift for each child. Nothing extravagant. Just a way to honor our neighbors and honor Jesus who stands with arms open wide every time the doors to the Co-op are open, inviting us ALL to experience His loving provision.

How can you help?  We are asking for donations of $25 gift cards from Walmart, Target, Kroger or financial contributions earmarked "Glimmers of Hope."  You may drop your donation off at the Co-op (55 Grayson Industrial Parkway, Grayson, GA 30017), OR mail your donation (PO Box 1521, Snellville, GA 30078), OR donate through PayPal.

On behalf of the families we serve together, thank you for your prayers and support.

For more information on Glimmers of Hope, please contact Holly Ballantine at 770-985-5229  X102 or